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BBP_1056Buying a home in the DC Metro Area is one of the largest financial decisions you will ever make. Whether it is your first or fourth home, lot for new construction, or an investment property purchase, our team with over 25 years of experience is here to guide you through the process.

At the 3930 Group, we believe in being trusted fiduciaries and real estate advisers, not simply salespeople. Therefore, we are pleased to provide you with the following summary of our home buying guide.

Find a Great Agent

Using a great buyer’s agent is the best decision you will make as you begin your search for a new home. A trusted buyer’s agent will act as your counselor and fiduciary in identifying properties that best suit your needs; make recommendations about lenders, contractors and service providers; and serve as a wealth of knowledge in even the stickiest of situations that may arise. Best of all, a trusted agent won’t cost you a dime because commissions are paid out of the seller’s funds at closing. While some people try to save working with a discount agent or directly with the sellers, it rarely saves you money and could cost you big if you make the wrong choice! Once you have identified the right individual, you and your buyer’s agent should sign an agreement stating that the agent promises to exclusively serve your best interests throughout the buying process. While there are many real estate agents out there, we highly recommend the Accredited Buyer Representatives at the 3930 Group.

Get Pre-approved for a Loan

Yes, we know you have probably crunched the numbers a thousand times on that dream property you found on the internet during your lunch break. We love that mentality and encourage big dreamers, but before you get your heart set on a property, you need to speak with a lender to ensure those big, wonderful dreams are grounded in reality. A reputable lender will look at your finances, and credit score while keeping in mind what is within your comfort zone when establishing a qualified price range. Having pre-approval for a loan will put you in a strong position to jump on that perfect property the moment we find it! At the 3930 Group we have over 25 years of experience working with great local lenders who can get you the best possible loan and rate to suit your needs. Contact us for a recommendation today!

Start Searching

At the 3930 Group we are pleased to provide you with a robust property search feature directly on our website. This feature gives you access to every home currently on the market regardless of the listing company. It also allows you to customize searches, save your favorite properties, and receive email updates when new listings come on the market. Working together, we will weigh your wants and preferences with your pre-approved price range to establish the right search criteria. Once you feel comfortable with your search parameters, we will take you out to visit some actual homes! We will set up regular showings that work for your schedule, have you to visit Sunday open houses, and encourage you to take notice of what you like/don’t like when visiting the homes of family and friends. As you do so, be sure to constantly share with us your thoughts and feelings on properties you see. Knowing your opinions will help us match you with the right home faster. > Start your property search now.

Offer and Negotiation

After you find a home you love, we will research comparable properties to provide you with suggestions on purchase price and help you structure an offer with the contingencies, settlement date, and contract terms that will put you in the best possible position to get the property.  Once submitted, the seller has the option to accept, reject, or counter. While you may feel like you have made the perfect offer, the seller may not agree so expect some back and forth before a final agreement can be reached. Throughout the process try not to take things personally, the sellers are not out to get you but simply trying to get the best price and terms from their perspective.

Contingencies and Inspections

Once the contract has been accepted by all parties, we will take the lead to ensure all deadlines are met for performing inspections, work with your lender to confirm approval of financing, and communicate with your title company to guarantee settlement occurs on time. Should any problems arise along the way, we will take the lead in negotiating the best possible resolution to satisfy all contingencies.

Prepare to Move

A few weeks prior to closing you will need to begin the process of your move by scheduling moving trucks, contacting your utilities companies, changing your address at the post office, and begin packing. Within 24 hours of settlement, we will do a final walk-through at the property to ensure that it is in the same condition as when we wrote the offer, items that convey are present, and home inspection repairs have been addressed.

Welcome Home!

On the day of closing you will need to bring a certified check (or proof of wire transfer) for the remainder of your down payment/closing costs, and a photo ID. At the closing table the settlement attorney will review all the paperwork with you before you sign. Once finished, he will hand you the keys to your new home. Congratulations! Now it is time for us to start planning your house warming party to celebrate!