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Looking to start a new home design project in 2015? Use these five indispensable design apps to help inspire, organize, and complete your DIY project in no time!

Houzz – is by far my favorite home design and décor app available. It can serve as the inspiration for your next design project, a resource of information on the home design process, or simply as cure for boredom while you’re sitting on the toilet. Interior designers, builders, and architects upload photos of their design projects allowing users to browse the photos by room type, location, or style. Users can then organize the photos into idea books similar to Pinterest. Available for iOS and Android devices; free.

Mark on Call – created by designer Mark Lewison, this is one of the most intuitive and versatile floorplan apps available. You can create, save, and share floor plans for an entire house or just one room—and you can customize them to include your specific furniture dimensions, as well as your personal fabric and paint swatches. Start with preloaded sample floor plans for common rooms, including the bedroom, living room, bath, and kitchen, or input specific room dimensions. A shopping list is also included to help you keep track of how much more freaking money the damn project is going to cost you! Available for iOS Devices; $2.99

Color911 – allows you to create and save color palettes for your next decorating project. Color specialist Amy Wax has generated more than 50 downloadable color themes with 42 different colors each. Users can also create a palette based on a photograph taken on their device as well as organize favorite colors into folders, then share with friends or designers by email. Available for iOS devices; $4.99

Homestyler Interior Design – takes the challenge out of visualizing how new furniture and décor products will look in an open space. The app allows users to upload an image of a room and virtually overlay furniture and décor items from a wide range of brands. Move the furniture around to fit the space, play with wall colors, find professionals in your area, and read about the latest trends. It’s a huge help for all you design impaired individuals out there…Yeah I’m talking to you…Available for iOS and Android devices; free

Evernote – now that you have your inspiration, color scheme, floor plans, and furniture ready to go you’re going to need a place to store all that information for your project! Evernote is a free notetaking app that allows you to organize your design thoughts, photos, audio recordings, lists, and more into notebooks you can then tag, file into “stacks”, and search. It even decodes your handwritten notes so they’re searchable, too. Say what??…Freaking Science! Available on iOS and Android devices; free.

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