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By Sam Wardle

Don’t you just hate how Christmas and the Holidays are forced upon you earlier and earlier each year? This summer I headed to CVS to xmas-lucketts-1pick up a prescription on a seemingly ordinary July 5th. To my horror I walked in and found a holiday display case stocked to the brim and Jingle Bell Rock blaring on the radio…I swear it! It’s not that I don’t enjoy making the yuletide gay, whatever that means, I just think every holiday should have its time and place before we move on to the next. In my mind, I really can’t get into the Christmas Spirit until all the women in my life are in J. Crew at 1:00 AM on Black Friday starting a fist fight over that “fabulous maroon mohair cardi” on “deep discount.”

Regardless of your feelings on when the season should begin, there is an annual event in the DC Area that will have home décor enthusiasts humming holiday tunes and spreading Christmas cheer while their kid’s sack of Halloween candy is still half full. What is this magical event you ask? The Lucketts Holiday Open House.445

Each year the Old Lucketts Store studies the latest holiday décor trends and collaborates with local designers to put on this three day holiday event as its November installment of their Design House Series, a “monthly design showcase where everything is for sale.” Literally. Everything. I think they’d sell you the holiday sweater right off their backs if you wanted it badly enough.

The Lucketts Store is well known for its “Vintage Hip” style, but this year’s Holiday Open House offers a little something for everyone. Lovers of the 456Midcentury look will be thrilled with their options. Matte silver glass balls, red and white snow crusted garland, velvet reindeer, and snow covered trees with aqua blue and lime green accents.

If the classic Camp Christmas is your thing there is plenty of that rustic, cabin-y look offered as well. Rich plaid patterned stockings, classic evergreen garland with berries and pine cones, carved woodland creature ornaments, and deep hues of blue, green, and red abound.

If you’re like me and prefer a more contemporary City Sparkle look then the design house won’t fail to impress. Rich deep colors combined with metallic touches are in for this year. Encrusted evergreen garlands, glass and metal woodland creatures, sparkly stockings and shimmering pillows can all be found in luxurious hues of gold, silver, copper, violet, and gray.

No matter your style there will be plenty to love. I guarantee it. Unfortunately for you, dear reader, this year’s Holiday Open House concluded on November 9th. I know…I know…but before you throw your hands up and completely curse my name check the Design House Calendar and remember that the December event on the 5th, 6th, and 7th promises to have plenty more holiday cheer.

Although it normally takes a Black Friday brawl get me in the Holiday Spirit, an early November hair pulling tussle over those to-die-for sparkly metallic gold reindeer just might have to do the trick.495

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Sam Wardle





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